When should you give up?

10976410_MIt’s not often I tell people that they should give up. In my life, I’ve experienced the power of believing in what’s POSSIBLE. I’ve overcome challenges and learned to live up to my potential by making an effort to overcome. And I’ve made it my mission to share what I’ve learned with others. So, why would I tell anyone to give up?

And yet, there are definitely time when giving up is the right choice. When we’re acting in ways that don’t serve us, it’s time to give up on negative beliefs and make a change. It’s time to give up thoughts, action, and mental blocks.

It’s time to give up…

Comparing yourself to others: You’re here to live a life that is unique. You will have your own unique circumstances and challenges. Your gifts, talents, and abilities are unique, too. It’s important that the only comparison you make is to measure how far you’ve come over the course of your own life’s journey.

Taking on too much: There’s something to be said for choosing what you want to focus on. Pick a goal, and work toward it. That’s always a better approach than trying to be “perfect” in all areas of your life.

Complacency: Do you think you’ve already tried everything? You haven’t. This negative belief will keep you from looking for solutions, and staying open to finding what works.

Are you ready to make a change? Definitely don’t give that desire up. I’m confident that you can live your dreams. That’s POSSIBLE, when you’re ready. Let me show you how!

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