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How would I describe the feelings I’m experiencing right now? Am I nervous? Am I excited? Am I afraid or anxious? I believe I’m experiencing all of them but I think it could best be described as nervous excitement! It reminds me of the moments before a huge game or the first game of the season. Waiting in the locker room wondering how you are going to perform while walking out onto the court from the tunnel towards the bright lights of the big stage. All eyes are on you to see how well you have prepared for this moment! It reminds of the moments I tell myself and others that “when the moment to perform has arrived, the moment for preparation has passed.” Preparation is ending and the moment to perform is arriving. I’m ready! I’m willing! Let’s play!

I’m getting ready to roll out the inspirational story of the decade. My motivational speaking moment is coming to the big stage! I’ve been doing this for the last 10 years on the sidelines of the industry and in the shadows of the big stage. It’s time to let people know who I am, what I have to say, and what I can do to help inspire you to progress higher and farther than you’ve ever have gone before. We will take it one dream at a time, one desire at a time, and do it together, one step at a time!

I believe we are only a thought away from changing our lives. I believe, without a doubt, that the tools for progress (change) can be found on the pages of this website and within the pages of my book, I’Mpossible; Desire, Dream, Do. If followed with exactness you will find yourself on your own journey one step closer from turning the impossible into the possible, one mile marker at a time. Return often to these pages and update the world on how your own journey is going while enjoying the experiences and successes of countless others who are overcoming their own obstacles and achieving their own dreams.

I’m excited to be a part of your journey and dreams. I’m excited to help you prepare for your own moment like the young man I helped become a Navy Seal, or the basketball team in a small rural community that went from a 1-20 losing season to finding themselves in the championship game the following years, or perhaps improving your performance output like the financial company that increased their profit margins after having me come and expand their vision and showing them what is truly possible.

Find the team that will hold you responsible and help you become the person you want to be. I’ve been blessed to be working with a fabulous team of my own. I wouldn’t be where I’m at without their help and support; thank you, thank you, and thank you!

There is no doubt you can do a lot on your own, and you probably have, but there is no question you can do more if you do it together. Truly, when done as a team Together Everyone Achieves More! Join my team and invite others to do the same and together we can accomplish great things, unimaginable things, even impossible things!

Until next time…

Jeff Griffin

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