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Today is Launch day!!!

I’m excited to get things rolling! I’ve been doing a lot of dreaming and going in and out of my imagination! The following is what I see. I will have dozens of companies call and request my services, hopefully you know one of them or are one of them! I will inspire your peers, employees, and colleagues to be better, to do better, and to improve. I will inspire them to dream that impossible dream. To reach for the unreachable fruits. To Aspire for something higher. I will help them want to be part of the team. I will make
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Welcome to Griffin Motivation

How would I describe the feelings I’m experiencing right now? Am I nervous? Am I excited? Am I afraid or anxious? I believe I’m experiencing all of them but I think it could best be described as nervous excitement! It reminds me of the moments before a huge game or the first game of the season. Waiting in the locker room wondering how you are going to perform while walking out onto the court from the tunnel towards the bright lights of the big stage. All eyes are on you to see how well you have prepared for this moment!
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