Quality and Productivity



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–Quality and Productivity–

“Jeff has great credibility…. People listen to Jeff and I actually believe they will change. I’ve seen the course. It’s all about the steps and fundamentals that work. When you bring Jeff to your organization and present him to your people, he will help you reach your goals.”–Mike Schlappi – Four-time Paralympian gold medalist and motivational speaker

Five Keystone Habits Highly Successful Leaders Persist in Doing

Time is your most valuable commodity. Discover which keystones optimize your time best.

Are you tired of wasting precious time and resources on employees who end up leaving? Do you focus on retention or is it about being proficient? And a bigger question, is it possible to develop a HiPo out of everyone?

If you start right, it is easy to go right all the time, but if you start wrong it may be a hard matter to get right. Time is every company’s most valuable asset. You can never get it back and you can never start over. If you want to get the most out of your employees while you have them, start their career off right with Jeff’s transformational message.

In the short time you’re with Jeff, he will illustrate five keystone habits to optimize your resources. He will show you in a powerful and humorous way how and why you should: 1. start a routine, 2. desire the FUNdamentals, 3. be consistently disciplined, 4. work smarter…not harder, and why you 5. Just DOn’t quIT.

These five keys will unlock the unimaginable possibilities to grow your company. In the end, your team will thank you for bringing Jeff in to share his transformational message and life-altering experience.

Benefits and Value:

  • Receive five transformational keystone habits so you can start right and create success.
  • Discover the formula to the unimaginable possibilities you can create.
  • Help optimize your time to achieve such things as promotions, raises, million-dollar ideas, solving past problems, finding simple solutions, discovering new relationships, rekindling old ones, opening the door to new opportunities, and finding fresh and exciting possibilities!
  • Know how to bridge your dreams and desires to get real results.
  • 24-hour access to the powerful psychological Possibility Principle to help your team persist in taking the right steps every day.