Quality and Productivity



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–Quality and Productivity–

“Jeff has great credibility…. People listen to Jeff and I actually believe they will change. I’ve seen the course. It’s all about the steps and fundamentals that work. When you bring Jeff to your organization and present him to your people, he will help you reach your goals.”–Mike Schlappi – Four-time Paralympian gold medalist and motivational speaker


Format: ​45-60 minute keynote (can be reduced down to 20 minutes)

This program is perfect for:

  • Leadership Development
  • Unity
  • Peak Performance

Truly, everyone achieves more when we work together.  Most messages on leadership focus on the few leaders at the top.  Jeff’s approach is to focus on the whole group as individual leaders.  This approach creates synergy and synergy allows a group do 10x more together than they could on their own.

Uncertainty paralyzes purpose.  When an employee is lost, lacks direction, and feels rejected they shut down or act out.  Jeff believes the challenge of apathy can be reduced, if not eliminated, if our leaders take the pro-active approach in helping each other lift and lead by working together.  To gain unity and clarity we must push back the enemies of confusion and complacency by consistently writing down our dreams and clearly define our goals until it becomes a regular routine.

Jeff’s message will give your TEAM permission to dream again.  It will encourage your managers to lead with clarity.  And allow both to understand the importance of working together.  Jeff’s ability to connect with your company in a powerful and inspiring way will validate your efforts and support your methods in creating a unified team with better results.  Every company in your industry will want to know how you transformed your company and amplified the power and potential within your employees.

Benefits and Value:

  • A vision, confidence, and the motivation to work together as a TEAM.
  • The secret in not only making goals but accomplishing them.
  • The formula to eliminate self-doubt, destructive thinking, and limiting beliefs by working together.
  • A commitment on taking the necessary steps forward and have 24hr access to the ‘Possibility Principle’.
  • Know how to bridge your dreams and desires to get real results.
  • 24-hour access to the powerful psychological Possibility Principle to help your team persist in taking the right steps every day.