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5 Benefits of DREAM WEAVING

  • Identify more than 10 things you want to DO and become in the next 90 days
  • Understand the simple and powerful process that will impact your life forever!
  • Learn and discover what you really want…your true purpose and passion
  • Be crystal clear on what you are going to FOCUS on these next 90 days
  • Master the process of discovering your dreams in as little as 10 minutes moving forward



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  • Have you struggled finding what you really want?
  • Are you tired of getting what you don’t want?
  • Have your own methods come up short of expectations?


Over these last 30 years I’ve used the DREAM WEAVING tool on some of the harshest critics, called teenagers and Executives; and helped them discover what they most desperately desire.  You see, most of us don’t know what we want but the majority of us know what we don’t want so we find ourselves in that world of uncertainty; not knowing what we want but continuing to get what we don’t want.  We forget that we get what we focus on.  We forget that where are focus goes are energy flows!  But since we don’t know what we really want we continue to focus on what we don’t want and continue to get it and remain confused.

This course is more than just the ‘packet’ IT is for those who know they have MORE to discover and MORE to give to the world but have struggled to find their true purpose and passion.

This tried-and-true tool of DREAM WEAVING will help those who do it with real intent unveil what they have been searching for and discover the certainty they so desperately desire!