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Griffin was also the subject of a conversation I had with former Utah Jazz coach Frank Layden who made the team relevant in the early 1980s. The talk was facilitated by Randall Wade, a filmmaker who has made a documentary and audio book called Doin’ Hard Work, for which Layden did the voice-over. It’s the story of one weekend’s road trip for the Wheelin’ Jazz.

“When you think of Karl Malone, you get an image of him right away,” said the former NBA Coach of the Year. “It’s of this guy who’s got big muscles and what have you. But what you learn is that Karl Malone is much more than that.

“He’s a guy who has great competitive genes; he wants to win, he wants to compete and he’s willing to work to do those things. He always obeyed the rules. He played clean. He played hard. He gave you everything he had and when it was over, he had respect for the opponent. And he had fun doing it.

“And I see all those things with Jeff. He competes; he wants to win but when it’s over, he’s a good sport.”

If I’m Jeff Griffin, that’s my new resume. Nothing more, just that.


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