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“When Jeff stood up from his wheelchair and walked, it moved the audience to tears. The attendees loved Jeff and couldn’t stop talking about the impact he had on them. It was fun, engaging, and everyone couldn’t thank us enough for bringing Jeff into our organization! We will definitely have him again next year!”–Rob Shallenberger – CEO of Becoming Your Best Global Leadership, national best-selling author, and former fighter pilot

I’Mpossible: Desire. Dream. Do.

Discover the endless possibilities to grow.

Have you ever wondered what to do for your HiPos? Are you searching for the resources to maximize employee production? Have you ever wondered how to fully utilize your pre-, post-, and mid-year meetings?

Jeff believes your future is only as bright as your vision. For example, do your employees see what you see and think it can be done?  Do they have the courage to take the first step forward and break free from the chains of doubt and fear that limit them from growing?

Jeff will walk your team through a few of the tried and tested truths he’s written about in his award-winning book I’Mpossible: Desire. Dream. Do. to help your team see your vision. He will get out of his wheelchair and take a few steps forward to show your team the impossible really is possible, even after the doctors gave him a “life sentence” of being confined to a wheelchair and told him he would never move his legs or ever stand again.

His speaking style, humor, and message will ignite the seeds of success your leaders have already sown. It will spark the eternal tinder inside your team to believe they too can accomplish their impossible tasks. In the end, they will thank you for bringing Jeff to share this transformational message and life-altering experience of achieving the impossible.

Benefits and Value:

  • If your team follows these simple but profound steps, quality of work will improve, positive relationships will develop, resiliency will increase, unity will expand, and service will abound.
  • Team members will be awakened and recognize their true potential with the 3 Ds. (Hint: they haven’t even come close to achieving it)
  • Online resources to assist in the transformational change that will take in your company as they begin to work together as a team.
  • Have 24-hour access to the powerful psychological tool, the Possibility Principle, so you never have to look at things as impossible again.
  • You will be given the key to unlock the door to promotions, raises, million-dollar ideas, solving past problems, finding simple solutions, discovering new relationships, rekindling old ones, mending marriages, losing weight, opening the door to new opportunities, and finding fresh and exciting possibilities!