“If you are in corporate training and are having to decide between Jeff and someone else, there should be no hesitation in who you should choose. It should be Jeff Griffin.”–Tony Child – Zions Bank Regional Sales Manager over 200 employees


Format: ​45-60 minute keynote (can be reduced down to 20 minutes)

This program is perfect for:

  • ​Leadership Development
  • Growth and Retention
  • Cultivating the right Culture

Have you ever wondered if you’re giving the right tools to your Leadership Team? Are you searching for the resources to maximize employee production? Have you ever wondered how to utilize your pre-post and mid-year meetings?

Jeff believes your future is only as bright as your vision.  For example, do your employees see what you see and think ‘it can be done’?  Do they have the courage to take the first step forward and break free from the chains of doubt and fear that limit them from growing?

Jeff will walk your team through a few of the tried and tested truths, he’s written in his award-winning book I’Mpossible; Desire. Dream. Do. which will help your team see your vision and eliminate your biggest constraint.  They will leave Transformed; to BE more, to DO more and to HAVE more!

His speaking style, humor, and message will ignite the seeds of success your leaders have already sown.  It will spark the eternal tinder inside your team to believe they too can accomplish their impossible task.  In the end, they will thank you for bringing Jeff to share this transformational message and life altering experience of achieving the impossible.

The audience will leave with:

  • An awakened understanding of their true potential. (hint: they haven’t even come close to achieving it)
  • An increased desire to improve their work, develop their relationships, and increase their resilience to do their best.
  • Online resources to assist in the transformational change that will take place around your company as they begin to work together as a team.
  • 24hr access to the powerful psychological tool to the ‘Possibility Principle’ so they never have to look at things as impossible again.
  • The key to unlocking the door to promotions, raises, million dollar ideas, solving past problems, finding simple solutions, opening the door to new opportunities, and finding fresh and exciting possibilities!​



“Different isn’t always better but better is ALWAYS different”