“If you are in corporate training and are having to decide between Jeff and someone else, there should be no hesitation in who you should choose. It should be Jeff Griffin.”–Tony Child – Zions Bank Regional Sales Manager over 200 employees

Jeff’s teaching style, humor, and personality have always made him one of the most liked and sought-after speakers in the business world. He has traveled the world, as a Sherpa of sorts, sharing the insights great business leaders follow and finish with exactness. It took a life altering-experience to discover these truths and a lifetime to master them. Jeff’s transformational message will amplify the power and potential in your team, accelerate positive results in your company, and create a culture that keeps them around.

Jeff is passionate about helping CEOs and HiPos achieve their dreams. As a kid, Jeff envisioned playing college football as a receiver. He was one step closer to fulfilling his dream when a construction accident left him broken and paralyzed from the waist down. The doctors gave him a “life sentence” of being confined to a wheelchair and told him he would never move his legs or ever stand again. Jeff had a different opinion: I will walk again!

Jeff truly believes everyone possesses the power and potential to accomplish the impossible. He understands the frustrations of running a business and bridging the gap between what is real and what is ideal. Not only will Jeff tell your team how to cross the bridge but he will get up out of his wheelchair and take a few steps forward to show your team that the impossible really is possible.

Jeff’s message will spark the eternal tinder inside the minds of your employees and give them the resilience to accelerate their results. It will ignite the seeds of success your leaders have already sown. Combined with your vison and Jeff’s message, your culture will cultivate something other businesses and leaders only dream about.



“Different isn’t always better but better is ALWAYS different”