How to beat burnout

51854592_SAre you suffering from burnout? It’s that feeling of being overwhelmed and too tired to face challenges in your life. Burnout happens when you aren’t effectively managing your stress, and finding yourself stuck in the rut of thinking that you can’t change things. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

In my life, I’m often invited to speak to people about how to find their motivation. I know firsthand about overcoming challenges that seem to be insurmountable. But I’ve found, through meeting with the people at these events, that even small challenges can build up and leave a person feeling trapped and unhappy. So, how do you get out of that mental rut and recognize all that is POSSIBLE?

Try taking these positive steps to change your mindset, and beat burnout:

  1. Recognize when you’re being a perfectionist. We all want to achieve, but trying to be perfect sets us up for failure. Nobody is perfect!
  2. Stop trying to do too much. One step at a time. You can make positive changes, but it’s a process. If you’re burning the candle at both ends, STOP.
  3. Cultivate your resilience. Start taking care of your health, avoid negative people, and be sure to ask for help. You’re probably neglecting your own needs, right? Get support and rest. That’s not a sign of weakness. Knowing your limits sets you up to be stronger and more capable in the long run.

I’m confident that you can live your dreams. That’s POSSIBLE, when you’re ready. Let me show you how!


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