“The environment that kids are growing up in today does not prepare them for the real world of perseverance & problem solving.  Jeff’s well-polished and humorous presentation had the audience engaged as he went from one idea to the next.”–Curt Hanks – Sky View VP/Huntsman Education Recipient

During his 16 year career Jeff’s teaching style, humor, and personality has always made him one of the most liked and sought after teachers at school. His experiences and expertise has always helped bridge the gap between the student’s wants and the school’s needs.  Jeff is the perfect liaison.

Jeff’s passion in helping administrators and teachers amplify the power and potential in their staff and students is contagious.  His powerful, funny, and motivating keynote speech – which is told in story form – is packaged for personal progress in becoming your best.  It centers on helping high school students become world record winners in whatever they do! (The Guinness Book of World Records ADDED two new records after recognizing his athletic accomplishments at the NBA All-Star weekend.)

Jeff’s transformational message will spark the eternal tinder inside the minds of your students and give them the resilience to make it through college.  It will ignite the seeds of success your teachers have already sown. In addition, both will stand in ovation and thank you for this life altering experience.



“I’Mpossible: Desire. Dream. Do. is a powerful story that exemplifies life’s lessons that I have learned in my 40 years as an applied sport psychologist. The goal directed pursuits gleaned from Jeff’s story will guide you in living your life with confidence and perseverance.”–Dr. Richard Gordin – Professor Emeritus Utah State University

I’Mpossible: Desire. Dream. Do.

Are your students stuck in the social cycle of criticism, which hinders their ability to succeed? Do they even dare to dream about the fantastic future they can intelligently design for themselves?

By focusing first on their own bright future and giving them a vision that ‘it can be done’, your students will naturally take that first step forward and break free from their paralyzing past of put-downs and slay the demons of doubt and fear.

To accomplish this, Jeff will walk your students through a few of the tried and tested truths, he’s written in his award-winning book I’Mpossible; Desire. Dream. Do.  He will get up out of his wheelchair and take a few steps forward to show your school the impossible really is possible, even after the doctors gave him a ‘life sentence’ from a wheelchair and told him he would never move his legs or ever stand again.

Your students will know that they too can do hard things.  In the end, they will thank you for bringing Jeff to share this transformational message and life altering experience of achieving the impossible.

Benefits and Value:

  • Witness a transformational change take place around campus as your students work together.
  • The spark of true joy and happiness will remind them to stop living someone else’s dream by default and start living their own by design.
  • Grades will improve, relationships will develop, resilience will increase, unity will expand, and service will abound.
  • Students will be awakened and recognize their true potential. (hint: they haven’t even come close to achieving their true potential)
  • Understand the powerful psychological tool of the ‘Possibility Principle’ and have 24hr access to it so they never look at things as impossible again.
  • Obtain the recipe for riches and prepare them for college and beyond!


“We hear from colleges and employers that many of our high school graduates don’t know how to work hard, work effectively with others, can’t take constructive criticism, etc.  Jeff’s message is perfect for these students because they do feel like things are impossible for them when challenges present themselves – they tend to give up easily and they don’t have those “pull up your boot strap” skills that are so helpful in life.”–Curt Hanks – Sky View VP/Huntsman Education Recipient for Colleges

Life is Beautiful…Just DOn’t quIT

Jeff will help your students look at life from a new perspective. He will assist you in helping them not give up on their own beautiful bright future.  Your students will understand that when life knocks you down everyone still has the choice to get back up and move forward with faith.

Jeff illustrates the beauties of life in a powerful, funny, and motivating way.  He gets up out of his wheelchair and takes a few steps forward even after the doctors gave him a ‘life sentence’ from a wheelchair and told him he would never walk or stand again. During those darkened days, he had a decision to make; he could stay down and quit or get back up and succeed. Jeff chose the latter.

As an ordinary man, leaving life from a wheelchair, Jeff has accomplished some extraordinary things. Jeff has participated in the 2004 Paralympic games in Athens Greece.  He was a National Champion in the NWBA and a 4-time All-Star MVP.  He was the #1 men’s wheelchair tennis player in the State of Utah and won the St. George Marathon. Jeff also has two Guinness Book of World Records and even wrote an award-winning book; after getting a D- in English and being told he would never be a writer.  Jeff will validate your vision and show your students how they too can choose to live a beautiful life by design.

This life altering experience will open the floodgates of imagination. It will show your students how to develop the determination to refuel the fire of desire.  It will give them permission to fail forward because failures at first are triumphs at last as long as they Just DOn’t quIT.

Benefits and Value:

  • Fifty free ‘DOn’t quIT’ Battle-Cry Bracelets
  • The five aspects of a better life will be revealed.
  • The recipe for resilience will be discovered to help refuel the fire of desire
  • The possibility principle will be available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help trash any poor programing to the curb forever.
  • Their dreams and desires will be bridged with goals that get real results.
  • The key to unlocking the door that leads to such things as finding friends, rekindling old ones, getting good grades, asking the right questions, unearthing simple solutions, solving past problems, losing weight, new opportunities, and discovering exciting possibilities will be given!


“Jeff Griffin is an amazing speaker.  I highly recommend Jeff for any leadership conference, corporate event, or any speaking engagement. His unique experiences combined with his dynamic speaking ability lightened the load and lifted my burden as President!”–Doug Fiefia –Student Body President Utah State University 2013-2015

T.E.A.M. – Together Everyone Achieves More

Truly, everyone achieves more when we work together.  Most messages on leadership focus on the few leaders at the top. Jeff’s approach is to focus on the whole group as individual leaders.  Jeff believes that bullying, bad grades, and other challenges can be reduced, if not eliminated, if we take the pro-active approach in helping each other lift and lead by standing together and defeat the real enemies of your halls; the bullies of doubt and fear.

When a student is lost, lacks direction, and feels rejected they shut down or act out.  Uncertainty paralyzes creativity.  Jeff’s transformational message will give your students permission to dream again.  He will encourage your students to write down their dreams and clearly define their goals.  It will inspire them to work together and ask for help.

Jeff’s ability to connect with your students and raise awareness in an inspiring and funny way combined with the tools and guidance you’ve already provided them will garner results every great school district and teacher is striving for.

Benefits and Value:

  • Gain vision, confidence, and the motivation to work together for a brighter future.
  • You’ll begin to change your way of thinking and break free from the chains of negative thought patterns FOREVER!
  • Working together could possibly eliminate self-doubt, destructive thinking, and limiting beliefs within 3 weeks.
  • A commitment on taking small steps every day will be galvanized.
  • Have 24hr access to the powerful psychological ‘Possibility Principle’
  • Your students will stand up for kindness and seek to be the type of friend they would want to have.



“Different isn’t always better but better is ALWAYS different”