Having trouble staying positive? Here’s how to tame your thoughts.

59394354_MWe’re often told it’s important to stay positive in the face of challenges. Have an attitude of gratitude, they say. But how often are we told how to manage our negative thoughts?

My personal experience has taught me, in no small part, that our thoughts really do have the power to shape our reality. Every day I have to keep challenging myself to move past an injury I sustained as a young person that could have kept me wheelchair bound. But that’s not the end of the story. Our negative emotions are only a starting point. We must learn how to move past our very real fears to take positive action, by keeping faith in the future and all that is POSSIBLE.

So today, I’m sharing some ideas to help you keep the faith and move forward. Here’s what you need to do each day to manage your negative thoughts and fears when they enter your mind.

First, name your fear. Notice your thoughts. You’re more likely to move forward in a positive way if when you’re mindful about what’s motivating you.

Then, try making a plan. Is there anything you can do right now to change the thing that’s bothering you? Action is an effective antidote for anxiety and fear. Often, when you’re anxious you’ll find that it’s a signal that you need to take care of something you’ve been putting off.

Is the problem that you’re irritated, hungry or tired in some way? Is the mood you’re experiencing more vague, and harder to solve with action? That’s when you need perspective. Try taking a short walk, calling a friend or listening to a favorite song. This is when positive distraction will help you to reframe.

Additionally, it helps to keep something inspiring available to review. Maybe that’s a favorite quote, or you reminding yourself of your big picture plan for the future, or just thinking about all of the small recent strides you’ve made toward success. Keep your eyes on the prize!

Finally, always remember that your moods and thoughts are only temporary. It’s what you do consistently, in the long term, that counts. So keep the faith in your abilities, and always move back to your plan to move forward.

I’ve been able to accomplish so much, and you can too. When you’re ready to move past complacency and doubt, I can show you how! Together, we can reach for what’s POSSIBLE.