Five ways to find and maintain your motivation

???????????????Are you ready to make a change? It can be hard to find the motivation to set new goals and pursue a new path. But change is POSSIBLE, when you’re ready.

So, how do you find and maintain your motivation when you’re ready to pursue your dreams? Here are five steps to take along the path:

  1. Create your vision. Take some time to reflect on the life you want to live. Then, think about what it might take to get there. Do you have an ideal in your mind’s eye? Call up your vision when your confidence is low, or you need inspiration. You have to imagine it to achieve it.
  2. Start small. The surest way to success is to set small, achievable goals that will take you to your vision. Nothing good comes from setting yourself up to fail by setting unrealistic, impatient goals.
  3. Celebrate each small win. Every time you make a step toward your goals, take a moment to reflect on your progress. Feel good about your efforts. You’re the kind of person who gets things done! It will keep you motivated.
  4. Be single-minded. Set ONE major goal, not 20. You can work toward smaller goals, but have a focus and purpose. Good things come from staying focused on the big picture.
  5. Find inspiration in success stories, and know that progress ebbs and flows. When your energy is low, know that you’ll get back to it after some rest. Don’t give up. And read about other people who have achieved great things to keep you moving forward. It helps!

I’m confident that you can live your dreams. That’s POSSIBLE, when you’re ready. Let me show you how!