His mother named him Jeffrey, but his friends call him Griff. He is currently in a wheelchair, but not forever!

Jeff always dreamed of playing sports on the ‘big stage’!  As a kid he envisioned playing college football as a receiver. He was one step closer to fulfilling his dream when a construction accident left him broken and paralyzed from the waist down. His life and dreams were shattered but not defeated. During those dark days he had a decision to make: he could stay down and quit or get back up and succeed. He chose the latter.

“Jeff is one of my best friends and heroes. Not because of what he went through but because of what went through him that created such resolve and determination.”
–Mike Schlappi – Four-time Paralympian gold medalist and motivational speaker

As an ordinary man living life from a wheelchair, Jeff has accomplished some extraordinary things. He played in the 2004 Paralympic Games in Athens, Greece, and is a silver medalist for the USA men’s wheelchair basketball team. Griff is a national champion who played for the Utah Wheelin’ Jazz and is a four-time All-Star MVP. He was the number one men’s wheelchair tennis player in the state of Utah, won the St. George Marathon, has two Guinness Book of World Records, and is the author of the award-winning book I’Mpossible: Desire. Dream. Do. He believes everyone has the power and potential to accomplish the impossible if they take the proper steps.

During his 16-year career, Griffin’s teaching style, humor, and personality have made him one of the most liked and sought-after teachers. He earned his master’s degree in education and curriculum and created a worldwide peer-to-peer leadership program for Third-World countries that was recognized at the United Nations in New York City. Griff considers publishing his book one of his greatest accomplishments since he got a D- in English and was told he would never be able to write a coherent sentence.

Griff started two successful businesses and created a nonprofit organization called the ‘Road to Recovery’, which impacts thousands of injured vets and physically disabled persons. He is passionate about progress, enjoys mentoring youth, distributing wheelchairs to those in need, and giving hope through his humanitarian efforts. Griff married his best friend Emily and together they have four beautiful children. He enjoys eating pizza, playing games, and exercising.

These successes, although impressive, do not define who Griff is. What really defines him is his ability to amplify your power and potential, as a Sherpa of sorts, by not only telling you how to turn the impossible into the possible, but by showing you – ONE STEP AT A TIME.



Jeff’s speech doesn’t need fireworks, a light show, or loud props. It will simply spark the eternal tinder inside your minds and ignite the seeds of success you’ve already sown.


Jeff’s personal life altering experience can be used as a catalyst to help you amplify your power and potential and help you get out of your slump and over that proverbial hump 10 times quicker.


Those who see Jeff get out of his wheelchair and walk will be moved to a higher level and motivated to take their own first steps to experience the unimaginable possibilities they can create.


Jeff will help your people adjust their thinking to believe they truly do have the ability to achieve quantum growth and reach peak performance. (Every attendee will have 24 hour access to the possibility principle)


Jeff will give you on-stage steps to defeat the demons of doubt and fear and provide additional on-line tools to keep them at bay. (Jeff’s Battle-Cry bracelet will also be available)


The recipe for resilience will be revealed and the power to refuel the fire of desire will be demonstrated.


Jeff’s speech will invite your people to act in courage, to plan their own work, and work their own plan. (Specific details can be found in Jeff’s book, I’Mpossible; Desire. Dream. Do.)


Five of the ten essential leadership skills that World Record Winners Follow and Finish with Exactness will be revealed during Jeff’s speech.


A FREE digital companion guide book link is provided to every participant, so they can implement the skills they will hear, feel, and experience as a long-term investment. ($47 value)


Jeff’s speech is more than a one-time event! Jeff’s real life results and professional training give rise for additional speeches, customized workshops, and personalized training sessions.