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A Keynote Specifically for You

Transformational Message Life-Altering Experience

Jeff’s powerful, funny, and world-renowned keynote speech will leave your audience smiling, inspired, and believing they too can Solve the IMPOSSIBLE!

His Transformational message and Life-Altering experience will give your TEAM an edge to win!  His message will help YOU overcome the #1 constraint that keeps them from experiencing the type of success they desire.

His message helped a 50-year-old company grow their business from $50 million to $224 million in 2 years.  His message inspired a highway patrolman to go to buds school and become a Navy Seal.  His message also inspired sixty relationship managers of a bank and gave them the tool to not only hit their $400 million dollar target but exceed it by $130 million!

If you want something BIG to happen you have to think BIG. The problem is most people won’t think BIG until they see something BIG. So we sit around waiting for BIG things to happen and get upset when nothing does!

Master your Mindset?

Jeff would be honored to be a part of your group’s next BIG Event!

His keynote will help YOU open the floodgates to; promotions, raises, million-dollar ideas, finding simple solutions, solving past problems, discovering new relationships, rekindling old ones, mending marriages, losing weight, getting unstuck, finding clarity, and experiencing ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES!  

As a part of this experience you will be given the tools of courage, faith, and confidence to overcome the demons of doubt, fear, and complacency which has paralyzed millions from chasing down their dreams and experiencing the type of SUCCESS they desire.

Jeff understands what it’s like to be paralyzed.  After a heartbreaking accident in college, Jeff was physically paralyzed and faced with life-altering decisions that would affect his attitude and future forever. He believes everyone has the power and potential to accomplish the impossible, if they are willing to take the proper steps forward.

There is a casual way and a careful way!

After sifting through his broken back and shattered dreams Jeff found some ‘flex of gold’ that has helped him accomplished some extraordinary things. He played in the 2004 Paralympic games in Athens Greece and is a silver medalist for the USA men’s wheelchair basketball team. Jeff is a National Champion who played for the Utah Wheelin Jazz and is a four-time All-Star MVP.  He was the #1 men’s wheelchair tennis player in the State of Utah and won the St. George Marathon. Jeff also has two Guinness Book of World Records.

He earned his Master’s degree in Education and Curriculum and created a worldwide peer-to-peer leadership program for third-world countries, which was recognized at the United Nations in New York.

Jeff took these ‘flex of gold’ and forged them into GOLD NUGGETS such as a Workshop, Online Courses, High-Level Coaching, The Possibility Principle, Dream Weaving, ‘Daily Dime’, and 252™ tools and packaged them into essential leadership skills, resilience hacks, and proven processes to help High Level Leaders like YOU regain control of knowing where to GO and what to DO! 

Your SUCCESS doesn’t need to end with a simple KEYNOTE!

A Workshop Specifically for You


Take a deeper dive into the 3 Ds and learn the SIMPLE STEPS to Impact the World, Make More Money and Solve Pesky Problems

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Coaching Specifically for You

“If you are in corporate training and are having to decide between Jeff and someone else, there should be no hesitation in who you should choose. It should be Jeff Griffin.”