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“Thank you, Jeff, for showing us in 25 minutes what we’ve been trying to teach these last 40 years”

Randy Garn - NY Bestselling Author/Business Builder

Mike Schlappi – Author Speaker and 4 time Paralympic

Dave Meltzer - Sports 1 Marketing

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Les Brown Jr.

Jeff will Change your Life

David Gray Head of HR Lagoon

Owner of Elevate Tony Child

“Jeff has a gift for public speaking. His message and energy is contagious. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a speaker that can engage and inspire their team.” - Heber Barlow – President UMC Inc.

“Jeff’s message is easily one of the top 3 speeches! And I’ve heard a lot over these last 15 years.”

"Jeff's the real deal! I'd hire him in an instant. I've never had so much fun listening to a speaker in years and years."

"Jeff's the real deal! I'd hire him in an instant. I've never had so much fun listening to a speaker in years and years."

“Thank you, Jeff, for showing us in 25 minutes what we’ve been trying to teach these last 40 years”

"Jeff Griffin is an amazing speaker. He spoke to the incoming freshman at our leadership conference and had them on their feet cheering him on. He motivated them to believe in themselves and inspired them to get involved and make a difference on campus. I highly recommend Jeff for any leadership conference, corporate event, or any speaking engagement. His unique experiences combined with his dynamic speaking ability lightened the load and lifted my burden as president!" 

 “ I’Mpossible: Desire. Dream. Do. is a powerful story that exemplifies life’s lessons that I have learned in my 40 years as an applied sport psychologist. The goal directed pursuits gleaned from Jeff’s story will guide you in living your life with confidence and perseverance.” 

“Jeff eliminated all of our excuses. Now there is no reason why we can’t accomplish our goals this year!” (which was 400 hundred million)

“Jeff has great credibility…. People listen to Jeff and I actually believe they will change. I’ve seen the course. It’s all about the steps and fundamentals that work. When you bring Jeff to your organization and present him to your people, he will help you reach your goals.” 

“Jeff came and spoke to the parents of Del Rio, Texas and blew them away. They couldn’t stop talking about how engaging and entertaining his speech was.... Everyone thanked me for bringing him in. Every parent needs to hear Jeff’s message on resilience.” 

 “We hear from colleges and employers that many of our high school graduates don't know how to work hard, work effectively with others, and can't take constructive criticism, etc. Jeff’s message is perfect for these students because they do feel like things are impossible for them when challenges present themselves. They tend to give up easily and they don't have those -pull up your boot strap- skills that are so helpful in life.”     

“Jeff came in and brought the house down with his speech. Needless to say, the men were impacted even though I got the most out of it."

“Jeff received the BEST reviews of anyone who’s ever attended.”

“Griff is the 1% of the 1%… I had to work with him!”

Jeff Griffin is AWESOME!  His message his so inspiring and he connects to everyone in the room. I could hear his story over and over again because every time I learn something new from him. Thank you for being YOU! 

“When you think of Karl Malone, you get an image of him (Jeff) right away….He's a guy who has great competitive genes; he wants to win, he wants to compete and he's willing to work to do those things. He always obeyed the rules. He played clean. He played hard. He gave you everything he had and when it was over, he had respect for the opponent. And he had fun doing it. And I see all those things with Jeff.”   

“Jeff Griffin's message is something I highly recommend to any group or person looking to be inspired or motivated." 

“Jeff is dynamic! A great mix of inspiration, humor, and wisdom.”

 “Your overall message is very powerful and your style is very welcoming and also portrays confidence....I agree with the group’s ratings, which were between “very very good” and “almost perfect”

"When Jeff stood up from his wheelchair and walked, it moved the audience to tears. The attendees loved Jeff and couldn't stop talking about the impact he had on them. It was fun, engaging, and everyone couldn't thank us enough for bringing Jeff into our organization. We will definitely have him again next year!" 

“90% of my TEAM (16) received a promotion and or a pay raise”

“Jeff's story is amazing. He shares his experience in a manner that has you laughing at one moment and tugging at your heartstrings the next. I highly recommend Jeff as a motivational speaker, especially if you are looking for a powerful message of courage, positive attitude, faith, hope, dreaming big, hard work, and never giving up. Listening to his story is amazing but ‘seeing’ his story is even better!” 

“If you are in corporate training and are having to decide between Jeff and someone else, there should be no hesitation in who you should choose. It should be Jeff Griffin.”