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We are so glad to see you start your new ADVENTURE!

With this program you will gain access to:

  • The DREAM WEAVING tool to reach your ‘subconscious’!
  • The DNA swab kit to go ‘molecular’ or meeting your genetic predispositions aka POTENTIAL!
  • The BRAINPRINT to capture the ‘essence’ of your thinking preferences!
  • The BEHAVIORAL ASSESSMENT to identify the competencies you’ve acquired!
  • The ONLINE COURSE to assist you along your adventure!
  • Ongoing learning/development from your ‘Expert Guides’ by your side!


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Start Your Adventure Today!

In Partnership with Dr. Antoine Eid of Cambridge University, Jeff and Ricky are proud to introduce these revolutionary TOOLS that are tailored towards real results in ‘FINDING YOURSELF’. These tools focus on helping individuals, like yourself, flip your challenges of; not knowing who you are, not loving yourself, not letting go of the heavy mental weight you’ve been carrying around forever, not knowing where to GO or START.  And guiding YOU to ‘flip the switch’ and turn these challenges into WINS!

Combining the three sciences of Behavioral Genetics, Neuroscience, and Psychology, this program will help you understand the different facets of what makes YOU who you are.

Appreciating who YOU are is key in accepting the beauty and value of your personality and what you can bring to the table of society.

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This training goes into the depths and uncharted territories where the highest level of leadership exists.
BTW a leader is YOU!
You will be challenged to go through an extraordinary journey of self-discovery to eliminate the personal constraints and limiting beliefs that have been etched in their subconscious mind. This process prepares the leader for the greatest challenge, that is, to change the attitude, the patterns and habits, and the personal unhealthy and damaging beliefs of the people whom they are leading.

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