IMPOSSIBLE Online Course


10 Steps in Solving the Impossible from someone who DID!

EXPAND your Mind…EXPAND your Wallet!

This course is built to take ordinary men and women and turn them into world record leaders who produce world record results.



10 Steps in Solving the Impossible from someone who DID!

  1. Desires: are Developed by using the ‘Daily Dime’…all the Time!
  2. Dreams are Crystalized Desires
  3. Properly Aligned Roles help you go further farther and faster
  4. GOal TIME – The secret to getting ahead is to BEGIN!
  5. 252 – A Life worth Living! Be your own Guinness World Record!
  6. Flipping the Switch on an Attitude of Gratitude.
  7. Reframe your Foundation with FAITH – You CAN’T solve the problem IF you don’t think it’s POSSIBLE!
  8. T.E.A.M. PURPOSE/PURPOSE for a T.E.A.M.
  9. Just DOn’t quIT – Resilience
  10. DO or DOn’t DO; Success is simply a Choice!

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$199 for the 1st 5 steps only of the course, $299 to purchase the complete 10 step program


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